Assignment 1 completed

My Assignment 1 for DPP is now complete and can be found here

I have been working fairly constantly for a couple of weeks now, trying to get my work for Assignment 1 finished off.  It hasn’t been a difficult assignment since it gave a free rein on the choice of subject and a relaxed number of shots that needed producing (between 6 and 12).  What I found, however, was that since I have a reasonably well established workflow that conforms fairly well to the suggested methods I didn’t have that much to alter from my usual habits.  As a result I found the two workflow exercises and the assignment a little repetitive.

However, the opportunity to make more use of Lightroom 3, a new software addition, was a real bonus and the work that I have produced gave me lots of practice and learning opportunities.  I have found the change from a complete Category orientated system that I had with IDimager to the folder based system that Lightroom uses required more discipline when uploading my photos than I was used to.  As a result my folder system probably isn’t too logical and I must work to improve that.

My selection of photos for this assignment was based around the 3 locations that I shot and I found that, being New York, I had a bias towards vertical shots of foreground lights with exaggerated skyscrapers towering upwards in the background.  To get the variety I wanted I discarded some quite reasonable shots but overall I am pleased with the final set.  Someone commented that I had created a ‘happy, sparkly’ view of Christmas and that it might have been more interesting with a comparison between the bright lights and a more sombre social commentary on the down side the holidays.  I have to agree that social commentary is always more thought provoking and ultimately more meaningful but to be fair, this was a themed shoot, done in a short space for a work-flow assignment… well OK, no excuse really!  I could probably have kept some of the shots a little less like a chocolate box lid but hey, I like them!

The shots below are some of my discards from the 27 that I selected for close consideration.  They weren’t included for a variety of reasons.  I didn’t want too many exaggerated views of tall buildings no matter how impressive they look.  I had several views of the same location, window or building and obviously only needed a few.  Some just didn’t seem to celebrate Christmas very well, Time Square being one.  Still, several of them will make good stock images for my Alamy account.