The Open College of the Arts is a distance learning university that offer BA (Hons) degree courses in a variety of subjects, including the one I am engaged on, Photography.  Each module requires a workbook of day to day activity and that the students produce to show the work that they undertake during the course.  Digital Photographic Practice is the second part of the Level 1 courses that I have enrolled on, the first being The Art of Photography which I completed a short while ago.  My previous workbook can be found here.


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Turning my hand to professional photography

I have, in the main, enjoyed the time I have spent studying with the OCA.  I started with the aim of improving my photography to the point where I might be able to turn professional.  It seems that events have overtaken me and my sideline of photographing gundogs for fellow owners has taken up a life of its own!  I now have too much work to be able to devote the time I need to my studies.

As a result I have put my academic work to one side and am continuing to pursue my aim of becoming a full time professional.

My work can currently be found at www.facebook/nickandersonphoto and will soon be available on my website http://nickandersonphoto.smugmug.com/ as well on a new blog http://nickandersonphoto.wordpress.com/Sunset-2839

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