I reckon to have been making fairly good progress with my current work but seem to have stalled.  Firstly I received my feedback on Assignment 1 and have been feeling a bit thoughtful about that.  Secondly I have been surprised by the deadline for the March formal assessment of my ‘The Art of Photography’ (TAoP) module that I completed at the end of last year.  I rushed to get off a paper guide on how to access my on-line work which I hope will have arrived in time.

My assignment feedback has reminded me that there is a lot of ancillary work that needs to be done as well as just shooting the photographs and I have been skimping on that.  Perhaps it was because I treated the assignment an a glorified exercise on workflow as it was the third similar task in a row… perhaps also I didn’t give it my best attention as it isn’t even formally assessed with the rest of the work in this module.  Either way I need to go back and improve the ‘mouth music’ a bit or no one will know what I was thinking when I shot it all.

I have also had some informal comments on my TAoP layouts from an assessor.  Apparently it is easy to loose marks when it is hard to locate important work, particularly relating our tutor’s feedback and to our ‘before and after’ thought processes concerning our assignments.  It was suggested that my workbook/blog isn’t the place for these comments and that they should be placed with the assignment itself… which in my case is on my assignment web site.  A bit late for that now and it will make me rethink my layout in the future.

What I have done is go back through my TAoP blog and add additional labels to assist in navigating the site which will hopefully aid the assessors which is all I can do at this stage but I wish that this sort of thing received wider circulation as it would have altered the way I set things up more than 2 years ago!


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